A SEM account can become something complex. There are many factors that can affect one each other. Making a general diagnosis to determine the “health” of your SEM Campaigns is highly recommended.

Why a SEM Audit?

Google AdWords is an advertising channel where rates are not set beforehand. It is a bidding system where several factors are taken into account: not only the bid (what we are ready to pay for each click) but also the Quality Score.

This encourages the creation of an ecosystem of advertisers with different quality scores (as Google rates them) who live together competing for the paid space. This allows those with higher quality to gain SEM competitive advantage. This is where you find the true value of a SEM agency, on achieving the best quality score, resulting in higher positions at lower costs than those of their competitors.

What aspects may a Google AdWords Audit include?

Throughout a SEM audit it is quite common to find:

  • Campaign parameters with wrong settings
  • A mistaken use of keyword matches
  • Abuse of negative keywords (and the opposite)
  • Wrong approach of Display Campaigns
  • Incorrect text ads, out-dated, disapproved, etc.
  • Ads redirected to wrong URLs
  • Audiences with potential of improvement

A SEM audit is a good way to start resetting your strategy.

Our objective is to:

  • Provide a previous diagnosis of the accounts
  • Confirm the opportunities for improvement
  • Eliminate the advertising over costs
  • Improve the overall quality scores
  • Increase the percentages of search impression share

All these to make the most sense out of your SEM Campaigns investment and to achieve the best results for your business.