Why SEM advertising? Immediate Visibility on Google

Ranking on first organic positions is the wish of all and each of us. It is also an excellent idea in the medium and long term. However huge discipline, knowledge, effort and time is required. Therefore, what to do when we need to be visible today, without capacity to wait for obtaining the SEO benefits?

For lead generation and final conversion purposes, it is highly recommended to complement SEO with other actions such as paid traffic with origin in search engines (SEM). Google ads allow you to be visible right on the moment when users show interest for the product and services that you are offering.

We can help you make Google Ads model work for your business. You can show ads only for those keywords of your choice (we will suggest those highly intentional keywords for your specific objectives), have control over what and how you advertise and decide which budget invest at each moment.

Why work with SEM Experts?

Professional management of Google Search Ads can make huge impact on the resulting ROI. The cost per click (CPC) to be paid will depend to a great extend on the account, keywords and ads’ quality scores (a way for Google to rate advertisers). In such a way that it is possible to show on upper positions that those of your competition while paying less per click than they do.

Our work philosophy is to achieve the best performance for your Google Ads, maximizing the quality score for your specific situation. We want to benefit from this SEM competitive advantage versus the rest of advertisers in this same channel, thus contributing that the model Works with a positive ROI for your business.

Start advertising y enjoy the benefits of Google Search advertising. Be visible today without waiting any longer. The new accounts benefit from a 75€ voucher of free Google AdWords advertising.