Why Bing Yahoo! Ads?

Google AdWords is clearly the first option for search engine marketing (SEM) advertisers (with the exception of China and Russia) due to:

  • Its bigger number of impressions (biggest search market share)
  • Its higher Click-Through Rates (CTR)

Google is the predominant search engines in most countries. Nevertheless, the advantages of Yahoo! Bing network (lower CPCs and CPMs, as well as fewer competition) offer a good opportunity for those advertisers who wish to maximize their search engine marketing efforts.

In some markets such as the United States and Mexico, Yahoo/Bing market share may represent up to 30% of search queries.

On the other hand, one single advertising platform is used for both search engines (Yahoo/Bing). The Alliance signed between Microsoft and Yahoo aimed to monetize search results pages at Yahoo through Search Ads.

Yahoo! and Bing advertising platforms allow your business to reach millions of users who use those search engines. Our official Bing Yahoo! Accreditation provides you with additional warranty in terms of deep knowledge about Microsoft AdCenter online advertising platform.

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