Do you wish to join the conversation on Twitter?

Another big player on social media is Twitter. Although it has less audience than Facebook, last but not least important is Twitter.

It has been used by big brands (like major airlines) as a customer helpdesk channel.

Every day more and more companies want to be visible on users’ Twitters as a way to build Brand awareness, generate leads and sales opportunities. It is important to include Twitter in your social media plan.

Targeting Audience on Twitter

Twitter’s targeting audience methods in twitter are highly elaborated, being able to target users by:

  • Demographic variables
  • Physical user’s location
  • Interests
  • Words and phrases used in tweets

Ads can also be targeted to followers of certain Twitter profiles, and thus achieve a relevant target audience. This is why this advertising is so successful. Similar to Facebook and LinkedIn, we can build ‘Custom Audiences’ based un users’ lists who have previously visited our website.

Twitter Advertising Agency

We highly recommend running remarketing PPC Campaigns on Twitter. It consist on showing ads to users who have previously visited our website, regardless of the channel they originally came to the website. Through Twitter ‘Customer Audiences’ we can run remarketing for a small budget. These Campaigns contribute to closing the conversion funnel, taking advantage of the (previous) qualified traffic from other sources (SEO, Paid Search, other social networks, etc.)

As a Twitter advertising agency, we have good experience and knowledge in managing Campaigns on this channel. Our specialists will make use of this social channel so it makes the most sense to your business, and you will always be at the forefront of whatever works best of Twitter advertising for your business.