Are you looking for communicating with Industry Professionals?

LinkedIn is the professional social network by excellence. It is visited by millions of professionals to be in contact with each other, be up-to-date with industry news, search for job opportunities and/or talent for their teams and companies.

LinkedIn Audience Targeting

The audience targeting possibilities of LinkedIn are many. For example, you can target ads based on:

  • Education
  • Industry
  • Function
  • Years of experience
  • Groups and Companies
  • Retargeting

Why do we recommend LinkedIn Remarketing Ads?

As the other social networks, you can run a PPC LinkedIn remarketing Campaign for a small budget. Ads can be displayed on LinkedIn to those users who have previously visited our site.

They are very effective and profitable, and contribute to close the conversion funnel, taking advantage of (the previous) website traffic from other channels, through the use of LinkedIn remarketing audiences.

As a LinkedIn advertising agency, we have a deep knowledge and experience in managing PPC Ads Campaigns on this advertising platform. Our objective is that LinkedIn advertising makes the most sense to your business. This channel is great for B2B businesses specially, to promote you company within your Industry.