One of the first steps for a successful SEO strategy will be to perform a good SEO audit.

What is a SEO Audit about?

Our audits will study several SEO aspects of your website including, among others:

  • The site’s architecture: we analyse how the information is organized on the website
  • Server behaviour: we will analyse the speed response
  • Page speed: we will suggest improvements to speed up the webpage loading time
  • Web content will be reviewed to check if they are SEO optimized, how they are currently classified, the quantity and quality of the same, any possible duplicate pages, etc.
  • The use of keywords and their relevance
  • HTML layout and code: we will review the keywords used in titles, h1 and meta descriptions
  • Internal linking: we will analyse opportunities for linking pages with one another within the same website
  • External linking: we will study which is the current situation regarding external links from other pages to our website and we will propose an action plan.
  • Visibility report: we will analyse the visibility based on highly relevant keywords for your business

The recommendations following an SEO audit can be numerous, but fixing those issues can have a significant positive impact on rankings.

We will inform in detail about all aspects that may be affecting your rankings, including the detailed affected URL. We will share with you recommendations to solve and mitigate each of the SEO incidences.