Is SEO really for free?

We believe that the best SEO Agency will have to fulfil several criteria including transparency, ethics, honesty as well as technical, semantic and content creation capabilities (in English or any other language where you intent to Rank on Google). Despite the stereotype about SEO, it is not ‘for free’.

A good SEO will require continuous efforts and improvements of all kinds:

  • Code implementation
  • Performing fast servers
  • On-page and off-page SEO tactics
  • Client testimonials
  • Good page usability
  • Content creation, etc.

SEO is a critical part in any SEO strategy. Although as said SEO is not for free, it pays off in the medium/long term in terms of qualified organic traffic (free traffic).. El SEO is an option for those disciplined businesses, which have a long term vision and the wish to bet for this channel as an investment opportunity.

Why work with our SEO Agency?

  • We work with you so that your business site ranks for the agreed relevant keywords
  • All our recommendations and SEO techniques comply with the Google Official Guidelines and those of other search engines
  • We have over 10 years of experience in the industry and a professional team of technical SEO as well as SEO copywriters

How much do SEO Agency services cost?

We offer SEO solutions with prices tailored to your needs.

Each customer is unique and has specific needs, so we design budgets case by case, depending on circumstances and objectives.

But, despite the popular belief, SEO is not for free. It is rather a long-term investment and the ROI will be given in the way of future free (organic) traffic.

Our fees are usually set depending on the number of relevant keywords to be positioned. If you for example wish to rank for 10-15 keywords on a given local Google domain, you can estimate around 700€ per month. Our SEO services include the following:

  • Keyword research and search trends
  • Complete website audit
  • Content creation
  • Monthly reports including points for improvement, action plans, next steps, analysis and detailed results

Is there SEO warranty?

We will always be transparent with you. There are no SEO warranties given the big number of factors influencing the organic rankings and the ever-changing Google algorithm evolution.