What is a keyword research about?

It refers to that phase where relevant keywords will be identified for the purpose of ranking on Google. They will become our “targeted keywords”. Analysing, identifying user intentions and working to position keywords which users are likely to type on the search engine when searching for your products or services is a critical task of every SEO.

SEO is often perceived as the set of techniques to perform to provide visibility and generate organic web traffic. Traffic? Yes, indeed, but what kind of traffic? Will we be able to differentiate between keywords bringing huge amounts of traffic but with maybe low intention or simply curiosity and those highly intentional for our business objectives? We might not want to aim at a ‘too generic’ but rather at a more ‘highly intentional’ traffic, contributing more to our conversion goals overall.

We use several tools that enable us to analyse the different keywords, by language and market, as well as the monthly demand and existing competition level.

SEM Campaigns can provide valuable information about high performing keywords. These keywords can be included in our targeted keywords. Before optimizing a website, we need to define those keywords for which we will try to position our site.

Often, the key is to be able to generate the right traffic, meaning the one with the biggest potential to generate leads and clients for our business.