Why YouTube Advertising? Increasing Brand’s Awareness

YouTube is second largest search engine after Google, with millions of visits and hours of video content. It allows reaching a huge audience of potential clients and it is an essential platform to advertise.

The video format allows to connect with your audience in a unique way, generating more traffic to your website, building Brand awareness and increasing conversions. Did you know that you could select your audience by gender, age, interests and physical location? Or even target only those who have previously visited your site through remarketing programs on YouTube?

What are YouTube True View Ads?

With YouTube True View Video Ads you only pay when the user decides to watch your video, without wasting money on those who are not at all interested on your business.

When a user decides to click on “Skip”, or the video is not visualized for at least 30 seconds, the advertiser does not pay anything. Show your ads on all devices, and stay in continuous contact with your ever-moving audience.

The costs per view (CPV) of YouTube True View Ads in Europe are still a lot cheaper tan those in the USA, where this format is becoming very popular. It is therefore an interesting and (yet) cost effective option for increasing brand awareness and ROI.

These Campaigns would surprise you for their results in terms of played videos, high CTRs as well as for achieving goals and objectives for your business.