Yandex is the leader search engine in Russia and has a market share of more than 60% of Internet users. It also operates in other countries such as Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Byelorussia and Turkey.

The search engine is also main Google’s competitor, who owns between 25% and 50% of market share in those markets. Yandex cannot be ignored and it is key for key verticals like Luxury and Travel, for instance

Besides search, and similar to the Google Display network, Yandex advertising allows to show online ads in thousands of high quality websites and reach an internet audience over 90 million users in Russia

Why a Yandex PPC Agency?

  • We have solid knowledge of the market and local culture so that your SEM and Display Campaigns in Yandex reach the expected performance whether it is about Direct Response or Awareness Campaigns
  • We understand the unique characteristics of the Russian digital market and we are in continuously contact with Yandex teams for betas, technical developments and tools, to maximize the value of your investment in the leading Russian search engine
  • Campaigns, landings and Ads require content adapted to the Russian market
  • We define the Campaign’s objectives and we monitor the agreed metrics and KPIs
  • We optimize based on data to make the most out of your investment and obtain an immediate impact on the client’s results

Our Method

In order to promote your brand in Russia, we suggest an integrated Campaigns’ approach (Google AdWords y de Yandex. Direct) to reach more tan 90% of the Internet accumulated audience, both with Search and Contextual Ads.

This integrated approach is a way to make sure an effective communication with your audience and generate qualified leads and sales. Our experience speaks for itself: satisfied customers and Yandex team accreditations.

Yandex Accreditation

Our native Russian speaking team and Yandex Certified, based in Madrid, will help you starting your first Yandex Campaign or bringing your existing ones to the next level. For more information, contact with our Russian Team Lead Bogdan Polishchuk at

Yandex Certified