Why Google Shopping? Control the upper part of the Google screen

Google Shopping is a must-have advertising platform for online shops and ecommerce. The interest for this type of advertising has grown exponentially in the last few years.

Google Shopping allows users to easily compare best product offers, confronting prices and characteristics. Thus it becomes a big window shop, a virtual shop where users are redirected to the ecommerce itself where the transaction will be made.

With Google Shopping ads, advertisers can be visible on the upper part of the page, increasing their ‘share of voice’ on the Google screen, especially when complemented with Search ads and/or Organic results. These are easy recognizable as they are shown with an image, a price and the name of the merchant.

Which are the important steps when creating a Shopping Campaign?

  • Create an account at the Google Merchant Centre: all updated product attributes will be stored here, such as their characteristics, availabilities, prices, etc. Once the account is created, we will follow up the instructions to insert a site URL and verify the property
  • Create a product feed: it sends the product attributes to the Merchant Centre, so that we can show later on ads on Shopping. The special Shopping modules available at Magento, Prestashop, etc. synchronize the inventory of products in the online store with the Merchant Centre. A correct edition of the product feed is critical for your Campaign performance as it helps Google understand your products and show them to those users who are searching for them
  • Observation and compliance with policies helps to reduce possible account suspensions.
  • Link Google AdWords and Merchant accounts: once the URL has been verified and the product feed has been uploaded, we then need to link the AdWords and Merchant accounts
  • Finally, we need to create a Shopping Campaign on the Google AdWords account. We are ready to start!