What is Remarketing about?

Remarketing (also known as Retargeting) is a tool that enables to target those users who have previously visited your site with online ads on both the Google Search and Display Networks.

Remarketing is a way to reach those users who have not yet been able to complete the conversion, through special offers and personalized messages, prompting them to come to the site and convert.

There are different types of remarketing available on Google AdWords:

  • Display Remarketing
  • Remarketing for Search or “Remarketing Lists for Search Ads” (RLSA)
  • Dynamic Remarketing
  • Remarketing with Similar Audiences

Show ads to users while they are searching on Google or navigating on the Google Display Network!

Dynamic remarketing works through the Google Merchant Centre. It allows showing ads based on the products previously saw by the users on Google Shopping.

Start showing ads and benefit from the multiplying effect of remarketing conversions. Any marketing strategy would include remarketing as a complementary element to bidding for keywords on the Search network.

Experience shows that Remarketing is a very efficient advertising. Our current day-to-day rhythm of life forces us to postpone decisions sometimes. Also, people like to compare and mature its purchasing decisions during sometime. That’s why its reason for being.

It is also possible for your social media advertising Campaigns to target users on social networks who have previously visited the site. Remarketing Campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram not only are efficient but also possess the additional “warranty” of targeting social media users who have got the chance to get to know your Brand previously through other channels.