We create AdWords teams within organizations. Another value proposal from our agency is creating and starting in-house SEM resources and capabilities within the organizations themselves, so that they can increase control and achieve better results through more efficient management (internal and independent) of search engines marketing strategies.

Why In-house SEM teams?

  • The agency you work with today is no longer enough
  • Your AdWords activities have become strategic for the Company
  • More value for your Company
  • More control and better results

How do we do it?

Creation of PPC expert teams within organizations through Team Selection, Training and Start-up:

  • We give you advice and we go all the way with you: from your specific situation right now, until you are able to manage efficiently your search engine marketing actions on your own, in a safe and independent way, without any other third parties. Take hold of the SEM strategy in your business with real control, be independent and get surprised when you see the difference in the results
  • From defining your SEM strategy and the team requirements to match, selection of appropriate talent within your HR policy, successful hiring and integration in the new team, including education and training, until you succeed at efficiently completing the operational independence of your own SEM team
  • We are backed up by our experience in creating SEM teams within organizations, so that they can call them their own. In fact, we have been a leading agency in insourcing processes of PPC management for some of the largest AdWords advertisers in Europe. Trust our experience for this strategic turn in your company and be independent when managing your SEM actions in order to get better control, improved ROI, more qualified web hits and a growing online business overall

Without getting that far, in-house PPC management is often unparalleled in terms of a better-qualified traffic, conversion rates and ROI on your investment. Why? In fact, AdWords is a laborious work that requires the knowledge, first hand control and intensive care and attention of real experts, fully committed to their passion. In this respect, a well-trained inside team is probably the best option by far…