Why Display? Branding and great Visibility at Low Cost

The repudiation of Google Display Network has little to do with the reality and opportunities that this advertising platform represents for all kind of advertisers, both in terms of direct response and branding.

Google Display is the biggest advertising network and has the widest reach. It consists of a set of webs, videos and applications where to show online ads, reaching 90% of worldwide Internet users. These web sites belong to Google (Gmail, YouTube, Blogger, etc.) or are associated with its Display Network (Wall Street Journal, The Economist, cnn.com, Bloomberg.com, etc.)

Statistics show that 95% of overall Internet usage occurs visiting web content that belong to the Google Display Network. The audience spends time reading and interacting in new sites, blogs, social networks, etc. These ads are available for all devices and conform an effective combination of tools by target audience, context and placements so that you can reach your audience and connect to it.

Google Display network is a perfect channel to increase the awareness and visibility of your brand, products and services, adding value to your business.

The new accounts benefit from a 75€ voucher of free Google AdWords Display advertising.