Why a Performance Marketing Agency?

With the aim of providing online lead generation services adapted to the needs of each customer, we are offering a mix of solutions for you to choose the one that best fits with your digital business objectives.

As you know, it is quite hard to hire a well-respected SEO SEM agency, so self-confident about their know-how that they can offer innovative remuneration models purely based on performance.

Having this in mind, in verticals with high conversion value (Travel, Luxury, etc.) and best-in-class websites ready for conversion, we offer 3 possible solutions:

Option 1 - SEM SEO SMM Service

This option is the classical one and valid for all sorts of advertisers and goals. The agency charges a percentage of the monthly advertising spend (See plan prices)

We want to attain the best possible results, offering an extra that exceeds the expectations of our clients in terms of lead generation and bookings, to gain their loyalty and trust.

The customer bears the costs connected with the advertising traffic. The agency manages the online paid visibility to the best of their knowledge and belief. We obviously want to establish a bond of trust with our clients and become a strategic partner in the long term.

Option 2 – Lead Generation Solution

The client agrees to pay a fixed amount per lead to the performance digital marketing agency, who covers the online advertising costs and provides qualified leads, that you or your sales team covert later into bookings or final customers.

In the Yacht Charter industry for instance, the CPL is priced around 90€/lead.

Option 3 – Booking Solution

In this case, the client pays a fixed amount per booking, reservation or sale. The agency generates and manages the leads and coverts them into final bookings or sales. They are then transferred to the client for the post booking management.

The performance digital marketing agency bears the costs connected with the online advertising Campaigns and Sales. The client does not incur on any risk and pays only when a booking is actually made with a percentage of the booking.

In the yacht charter industry, for instance, the CPA (Cost per acquisition) is priced at 70% of the net commission made by the agent or fleet operator.

Our SEO SEM agency is strongly committing itself to the development of these new collaboration models, in particular with clients from the Yacht Charter Industry, with great acceptance and success, and to the benefit of both parties.