What is it about?

This course is held at the offices of the client. It is made up of a few attendance sessions in which the topics dealt with are the strategies and management methodology of Google Ads campaigns, tailored to the business environment of our client and focused on the specific cases he/she deals with.


  • To introduce the participants to the fascinating challenge of Google Ads. It is important to understand some key points and to have the right approach so as to gain a real SEM competitive advantage on Google
  • To transfer a right methodology for each client (from our expert point of view) in order to design, implement, optimize and monitor the ROI obtained with Campaigns and, in general, with the web, using Google Ads and Analytics tools

To whom is this Course Addressed?

  • This course is broadly designed for companies, business owners, marketing executives, etc. who wish to plan their Google marketing strategies in a self-reliant and efficient manner


The content of the course is organized in 3 major ideas or axes:

  • The concept of quality and its relationship with the bidding system, a key to gain competitive advantage in Google Ads investments
  • Campaigns’ structure, a relevant and rich inventory of keywords, segmenting into the right groups and its relationship with the quality score, keys to get a good ROI
  • Full review of latest Google updates useful for the case of each client
  • Opinion diagnosis about the current situation of the client, and giving a possible suggestion about the PPC strategy in the future.