Training and Learning for Companies and Students

Some of our clients (Companies of all sizes) wish to learn and deepen their knowledge about Google AdWords by using our knowledge, for several reasons.

Similarly, many students wish to learn and pass the Google AdWords certifications, so that they can apply as more solid candidates for digital marketing roles and other job opportunities. And they need to be trained in the techniques and get prepared for taking the Official Certification Exams.

It obviously does not mean that anyone can learn such a vast, dynamic and changing discipline during the period of a short training. It takes minimum two years for anyone to become a good AdWords professional. You learn by doing, so you also need to acquire all sorts of experience managing Campaigns.

AdWords is a platform opened to any advertiser with Internet Access. In theory, anyone can start running an AdWords Campaign.

On their side, Companies wish to catch up with the latest AdWords changes because they lack the time for this and need a qualified agency that trains and teach them the key basics for obtaining true SEM competitive advantage so that the Google model is profitable for their business.

For all this, we offer two Google AdWords courses, with different purpose:

  • In-Company Course
  • Preparatory Courses for the Official Google AdWords Certifications

For more information about these Google AdWords trainings, please contact us at: