The Importance of Web Analytics

In Digital Marketing it is critical to know the exact amount of traffic coming to the website, its quality and how this traffic behaves at our site. One of the keys in understanding the purchasing journey of a customer is to monitor the path that clients are making, so to analyse:

  • What pages they visit before converting
  • How long in average they spend on the pages
  • What is bounce rate of the landings
  • What pages show the highest exit rates
  • The behaviour of recurring visitors versus new visitors
  • The behaviour by device

Data collection of each of the visits is critical for optimisation purposes and decision making about SEO and PPC Campaigns, but also about the website’s or online shop’s usability.

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool available for all advertisers. When configured correctly, it adds decisive information on how to improve the performance of both Campaigns and websites.

As a Google Analytics Certified Partner, we want to offer your business all our knowledge and experience with this tool. The data gathered will allow a better decision making based on data so that your online strategy achieve the objectives pursued.